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10 Fair Weather Date Ideas - Last Days of Summer

Updated: Aug 28

I wanted to write about some less conventional date ideas for a while now, and have decided that splitting them based on the temperamental British weather is best for dates in London and nearby. As some of our favourite establishments have yet to reopen, and those that have are doing so as we run out of long daylight hours, I've pulled together 10 ideas for those of you who want to meet your companion outdoors, in ways other than the typical hotel bar or fancy restaurant, whilst the sun is still somewhat shining. We escorts love a delicious meal and an expensive glass of champagne, but we also love variety and experiences. I'm sure you do too, so here are some summer/fair weather possibilities to make your next date a little more interesting:

Rooftop pool

The perfect way to tease one another is to appear scantily clad, wet, and potentially tipsy as we carefully acknowledge the ‘no horseplay’ and ‘no diving’ instructions before running off to the bedroom, where we make our own rules. Searching for inspiration? Here’s a selection of some of the best rooftop pools London has to offer.

Park picnic

Laying down a blanket, feeding each other berries, people/dog watching and having a good chat and giggle is the perfect and most relaxing way of getting to know one another. No pressure, just enjoying good weather and good company. One of these Fortnum & Mason hampers will really take this date idea to the next level.

Visit a botanical garden

I’m adding this here for purely selfish reasons. I am a self-confessed greenery addict, and what could get you in the mood more than a steamy greenhouse or some phallic cacti? It may seem odd, but I will always find a way to make a sexy association with the most ordinary of things.

Hire a boat or take a ride along the river

This could be an utter disaster, but at least it will look like we had a movie-worthy day out on the gram - we've all seen The Notebook - providing we don’t drown or lose our valuables to some aggressive swans. Hyde Park provides a great setting for this. Failing that, we take a Thames river cruise and leave our fate in someone else’s hands.

Outdoor concert/festival

We may be running out of time for these this year, if they haven’t all been cancelled, but I have faith that we can make up for the lost summer of 2020. File this idea for next year. See also: summer screenings @ Somerset House, and open-air theatre @ Regent's Park.

Sunset to stargaze

Sunsets are the way to my heart. Ply me with drinks at the same time and I’ll be putty in your hands. Let’s watch the sun fall below the horizon and the stars take over the moonlit sky. Some places sensibly have patio heaters and blankets, making this activity a bit more sustainable into the Autumn months. If you’re pondering places to do such a thing, this is a handy list of rooftop bars in London.

Visit the Seaside

Whether you’re a stroll along the shore person or lay horizontal and cloudwatch kinda guy, there are plenty of beaches a short train ride or drive from London for us to have a little day-cation together.

Take a walk in the countryside

Speaking of daycations, if you want to explore further a-FIELD (I’m so, so sorry), countryside walks are incredibly rejuvenating and a very original way to get to know your companion outside of the traditional ‘date’ idea. If there's a room with a tub at the end of the walk, I'd be eternally grateful.

Riverside stroll

Short on time but want the same effect? We have this long river called the Thames running through the city, and it makes a great walking backdrop. Bonus points: there are more bars than baa’s for those of you who like to supplement with a bite to eat or a beverage or two, without the limitations of one single country pub.

Travel Dates

Our al fresco meetings don't have to be limited to London. If you've been considering escaping for a couple of days and wanted an escort to accompany you, I'm sure I speak for many of us when I say we would be delighted to join you. I have created a dedicated travel companion page on my website with details on how to book, alongside some inspiration for both UK and International trips should you be stumped or too busy to research yourself. I am more than happy to make the travel arrangements for an additional fee if you don't have enough time on your hands to get into the details of the trip.

Have any of these options taken your fancy? Do be sure to invite me to enjoy the sun with you before it's too late (read: too chilly). For booking requests, please e-mail me as usual following the instructions on my escort booking page. As always, I am open to any other creative ideas you might have for our rendez-vous, so I welcome all feedback and suggestions.

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