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12 Date Ideas for Rainy London Days

Updated: Aug 28

Being in London, having some date ideas up your sleeve for cold, rainy days is essential. Bad weather can make you feel like your options are more limited, but there are actually an abundance of things you can do indoors to add some excitement or interest to your next date with a companion. It's almost as if the city was built around an expectation of cooler weather and temperamental skies! If you’re looking for places to take your escort date in London, this post is for you. I've pulled together 12 creative and exciting date ideas suitable for all seasons. International lurker? I’m sure this list will be equally useful in helping you search for similar places to go in your own city, but you are always welcome to visit us here in the UK. When the government allows you to...

Art class

Hone your skills or make an embarrassment of yourself by taking an art class together. There’s such a huge variety on offer in London that I don’t even know where to begin. For those who want something more relaxed and social, sipping and stroking is a great option. The more studious might enjoy a day or weekend course at the Art Academy together. I promise I’ll give you a flattering but constructive critique.


The original date idea. Well, there’s the cinema too, but I’d only recommend that if you’re on an extended date that’s going really badly and you need to fill the awkward silent void. There are so many lanes in the city to choose from. Even the Ham Yard Hotel has their own.


And by theatre, I mean anything from musical, to opera, to ballet, to indie play. London is swarming with culture and there’s a show for everyone’s taste to be found here.

Comedy show

If you want to see your date laugh her socks off but you’re not entirely confident in your own comedic abilities, taking her to a comedy show is a surefire way to ensure you see her at her most amused. The Comedy Store is a reliable venue for solid lols.

Museums and exhibitions

Another great feature of the capital is the vast array of museums and ever changing exhibitions that are on our doorstep, ready to explore, hand-in-hand, as we gaze wistfully at the displays, wondering whether we’re supposed to be interjecting with intellectual commentary. If you actually know your stuff, even better. I love to be educated or to hear another’s perspective on art, photography, wildlife, historical events and all manner of things you may find in a museum.

Ice/roller skating

Yet another opportunity to embarrass yourself or impress me with your skills. Me? I’m not Bambi but I’m also not Tonya Harding, for better or worse. Open-air ice rinks are one of the rare outdoor date categories that applies in winter, but I won’t dedicate a whole post to one activity. For year round access, one of these indoor ice rinks would work, come rain or shine.

Cocktail mixing class

Likely to take place in a bar but not a total cop out, this adds a creative, experimental and educational element to a date. Great for breaking the ice if you’re a little nervous, and would like to have a third party around to assist in feeding your dutch courage.

Netflix n chill

Often overlooked, sometimes just relaxing with a movie and snacks together is a wonderful way to unwind. Granted, it always feels more luxurious in a king size bed with room service, but don’t knock the simple pleasures.

Spa day

A real treat for you and your date - getting steamy in the sauna and stifling moans during a couples massage is a sure way to get you both riled up and running to the room as soon as your treatments are over. This can be extended into a 24/48 hour trip of true bliss, if you want to go to an out of town spa venue for a total escape.

Salsa class

Let me be the two right feet to your two left feet. A brave suggestion - as I’m yet to try this myself - but an incredibly intimate, sexy, and fun way to get to know each other’s bodies whilst clothed in a room full of people. I can't promise I won't whisper naughtiness in your ear when the opportunity arises...

Shibari rope class

This has been high on my to-do list for some time, and something I would love to practice more with a willing partner. Taking classes and workshops together ensures you’re both properly educated on the technical and safety aspects of this visually pleasing form of restraint, whilst creating a beautiful bond with one another.

Ping pong

No, not that kind. No shame to those who can projectile little plastic balls out of their p*ssy. Mad respect, in fact. But for a date, perhaps the more tame bat and ball competition would be best. Let that sexual tension build with the obstruction of a table keeping us physically apart.


If you're tempted or curious to explore a BDSM dungeon and haven't yet had the opportunity, I'd love to come and play with you. There's a handful in London and around the country, with Hoxton Dungeon Suite and The Peacock Parlour both highly recommended. If you were hoping that I was referring to the famed tourist trap - The London Dungeon - you're alone on that one buddy.

Have any of these ideas gotten you inspired? If so do let me know. As always, I'm open to whatever other suggestions you may have in mind. Shoot me an e-mail via my booking page if you're keen to put a date in my diary.

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