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Becoming an Escort - My Why

People can be sceptical about the reasons sex workers get into their chosen field, and with the exploitation and danger that does occur, it’s not completely out of place. There are many of us, however, who have chosen this field with enthusiasm, with plenty of other options open to us, and who are thriving.

I thought a lot about my motivations for delving into companionship – it had been on my mind for years and I held a distant curiosity, until a close friend started escorting a couple of years ago. The financial and scheduling freedom he had was nothing short of enviable. So, it seemed to be the most viable option to me to ensure I could make a good income which would support my other ambitions, without eating up too much of the time that I would like to dedicate to these other pursuits.

I thought this would make a good intro to Maya Eve, for those who are just stumbling upon me and want to know more. So here, I list some of my 'why's for curious clients or fellow providers who might relate:

· The financial flexibility will allow me to quit my current day job (which I have wanted to do for years now) and work on my creative and entrepreneurial passions, learning and challenging myself more than I’m currently able with my limited bandwidth – I might finally nail learning another language!

· It will also allow me the extra time and energy to devote to charity work/volunteering

· The opportunities to meet people outside of my current circle. It’s easy to get stuck in sameness when surrounded by people you’ve mostly met through work and are in your age bracket. I love getting into the intricacies of other humans, exploring how they came to be who they are today, what makes them tick, what makes them rage

· The chance to explore my sexuality in a no-strings no-shame way, whilst getting to revel in the pleasures of others.

· After a couple of years of disappointing ‘civvie’ dating, I’m already blown away by the thoughtfulness and generosity of the clients I’ve had the pleasure of interacting with, and it’s restoring my faith somewhat. More of this, please

I love to hear how and why people choose to enter into this world, whether as a provider or client, so please do share your stories in return.

M x

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