• Maya Eve

The Month I Lost My Duo Virginity

Updated: Jun 6

During the month of Saint Valentine, cupid blessed me with not one, but two duo bookings. It was my first foray into threesomes – both personally and professionally – and I’m already hooked. It was also my first indulgence in my bi-curious side, and I couldn’t have picked two better ladies to share a gentleman with.

The woman who stole my duo virginity was Harriet, thanks to a divine regular of hers who roped me in to cavort in the most luxurious suite, exploring each other’s bodies like an erotic game of Twister on a very large bed. Senses are heightened when parts of you are being touched and teased, but you’re so caught up in the sensations and the heat of the moment, you’re not sure who it’s coming from. We have a reunion in the diary already and I can’t wait to explore further with the two of them.

My second tryst was with Kio, again thanks to a client of hers who wanted to fulfil her fantasies of more duo bookings, allowing us to get our hands on each other at last. This one came with a twist – a roleplay in which we had to compete for the sales position for a sex toy company, demonstrating our favourite products and just how good they are. After some cheeky quips as Kio and I competed with one another, we couldn’t help but begin to play together and invited our boss to get involved. I enjoyed being a part of the action as much as I enjoyed playing the voyeur, while I continued to play with some of my own toys on the side-lines.

If these scenes have you hot under the collar, I would encourage you to peruse my friends page immediately so you can narrow down who to share me with yourself.

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