If you think I'm passionate in the bedroom, wait until you hear me talk about travelling

As you may have assessed by now, I'm a London based escort. However, my love of exploration goes beyond the bedroom, and being a high class travel companion is a huge perk of the flexibility of this occupation. 

Whether you want some company on your business trip, or you want to whisk me away to travel somewhere special with you, or even fly me to you in your home city, I am passport ready and open to ideas. I'd love to wind down with you, be your weekend girlfriend, and have lasting memories from new experiences by your side. Private island getaways, mountain climbing for enviable views, cafe hopping in cool cities, chasing waterfalls and gazing up at the greenery of the jungle - they're all a wonderful way to my soul.


I have a few requirements due to the higher level of financial and security commitment involved, and rate structures based on duration and travel distance.

Core FMTY / travel companion escort rates:

12-16 hours

1,600 GBP

24 hours

2,000 GBP

48 hours

4,000 GBP

72 hours

6,000 GBP

4 days

7,500 GBP

5 days

9,000 GBP

7 days

12,000 GBP

10 days

16,000 GBP

Costs of all flights and other transport, meals, accommodation, and spending money must be covered by you in addition to my rate. Flights longer than 4 hours are expected to be in business class.

How to Book a High Class Travel Companion

So I've got you hooked? How do you book? If you follow this structure when contacting me, it will save us a lot of back and forth and wasted time. Please send the following to

  • Your full name

  • A copy of government issued photo ID

  • Details of your occupation

  • Your home city/town

  • Desired travel destination

  • Travel dates and booking duration

  • Shortlist or confirmation of where you'll be choosing to stay (i.e. 4/5* hotel, AirBnB)

Once I receive this information from you, I will be able to confirm my availability and proposed rate.


I will need to book my own flights, so will request payment in advance to cover the cost of these. I will then need 50% of the total rate to be paid to me prior to the trip, and the other half on arrival. If you're paying in a currency other than GBP, please let me know beforehand so we can agree on an appropriate conversion. 

Please also be aware that I will require minimum one hour of alone time each day to recharge and take care of any personal admin, so that I can remain energised, present and at my absolute best in your company. I also expect to have seven hours sleep per night.

A Local Affair - British Escort Services Around the UK

If you're looking at all of this and thinking - I just want her to come to my part of the UK for a day or two - you're not excluded! I am just as happy to jump on a train as a plane. All of the same rates and requirements apply as above, so please don't hesitate to get in touch and let me know where you want me.


If you just wanted a few hours of fun before you send me back to the big smoke, I will factor in travel time to/from London to give you my proposed bespoke rate.

Whether it's the English towns and cities of Manchester, Liverpool, Bristol, Brighton, Cambridge, the Cotswolds and York, further north in Scotland's Edinburgh or Glasgow, a nip over the border to the countryside or city of Cardiff in Wales, or even further afield to Belfast and exploring the dramatic coastline in Northern Ireland, I am always eager to visit more parts of the country outside of London, so you will be giving me the perfect excuse by booking my escort services as I travel to you.

International Vacation Travel Wishlist for 2020-2021


UK Vacation Travel Wishlist for 2020-2021


Tour Plans 2020-2021

(pending a global pandemic not getting in the way of things)

June-August - London, UK

September - Monte Carlo, Monaco. Vienna, Austria. Copenhagen, Denmark. Dublin, Ireland. Barcelona, Spain

October-November - London, UK

December-January - Singapore. Sydney & Melbourne, Australia

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